Pizza in rez

There is a little cafeteria in the basement of Glengarry house that has a pizza pizza in it. Everyone goes to this cafe (Oasis) when they’re really drunk or stones, and always at like 2 in the morning. When me and the gang play CoD in Warren’s room all night we usually get the hankering for a meat lovers pizza.

This pizza is the meltiest pizza ever. It falls apart whenever you touch it. And the thing is, no one has plates so we just rip the box into pieces and spill sauce all over ourselves. It really is disgraceful :P. But ya, the pizza comes with a 2 litre soda and that comes to like $16.25, so it’s a ripoff, but hey, where will you get food at 2 in the morning?


~ by mtl_zack on January 27, 2010.

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