Vancouver 2010 Olympics soon

This year the winter olympics will be held in Vancouver. As a Canadian, I am very proud to be part of the host country. This year, I really want to get into the olympics, and follow most events. Some of my favourite sports that are part of the winter olympics are hockey, curling, bobsled, luge, speed skating and ski jumping.

But there is something that I don’t like about this years olympiad. The mascots that were chosen to represent Canada are a sasquatch, a sea bear and a random animal spirit. What about a polar bear, beaver,caribou or any other majestic animal that Canada is proud of? And to make it worse they’re way too cartooney.

Another complaint that I have is the cheer that Pepsi is trying to spread across Canada. They’re trying to make a cheer that really sucks popular, and it won’t work because they’re forcing it on people. And what kind of cheer is "Eh, ho, Canada go!"? It kind of enforces the stereotype that Canadians always say "Eh!" too.

It’s good that during part of the olympics I will be off school on reading week. I’ll get to stay home and watch all of the events on my plasma tv in Montreal, not on my tiny 13 inch macbook. You can find out more about the Vancouver 2010 Olympics on their website. Oh, and check out this awesome video that BBC made.




~ by mtl_zack on February 4, 2010.

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