Roll Up the Rim to Win

March is one of the best months. One reason for this is because it is my birthday on March 2nd. Another huge reason is because it is St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th. But probably the best thing about March is Roll Up the Rim, a contest that Tim Horton’s puts on. When you buy a coffee, you roll up the rim of the cup and you ciuld either win a car, 10,000 $ in cash, a netbook or a free donut or coffee. I like winning another coffee because then with that I could increase my chances of winning 10 grand.

But this year my luck has been so shitty. So far I drank 8 cups of coffee. One of those was a free coffee that I won. I did not win anything else, which really, really sucks. I guess I should keep on buying more coffee, which I would be doing even if there was no contest, because I’m really addicted to Tim Horton’s.


~ by mtl_zack on March 7, 2010.

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