The Future of Twitter

Sorry if you do not understand this post. This all works out perfectly in my head, but I find it hard to express my ideas in words.

Twitter is all about apps. It’s API has reached to hundreds upon hundreds of startups who see potential in this company. However, Twitter itself is a pile of garbage. look at the site and then compare it to the wonders that other independent companies have made. I think that the main thing that is driving the web is not Twitter, but the idea behind it.

I see a browser that gives you updates that you want in real time in a non disruptive manner. I see Twitter, not as an independent company, but as a standard for a new revolution of the web. I don’t think it should be a private company, but a language, or a standard.

When IM clients invented the status update it was simple. Then Facebook came along and revamped it, and made it a sharing thing. Then finally Twitter dropped in with its apps and made updates about sharing everything. Now I see people using updates for every part of their lives, and there shouldn’t be a single company regulating all of that. There shouldn’t be Twitter, there should be updates as an idea.

Updates are the future, and if there is one central hub that all the apps connect to, and that hub just disappears in a flash, then so much will change. A multi billion dollar industry, possibly even bigger, will be lost and I don’t think that will affect people in a good way.

So I propose that the idea of twitter be made a new standard, and a new language be made that all apps must convert to in order to preserve the update. For if Twitter falls, all of these apps will fall too. And all of these apps are co dependant.

We are treading on shaky ground.


~ by mtl_zack on March 9, 2010.

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