I’m really getting into wine

Wine is something that I’m really learning to appreciate. I have tried a variety of wines in the past few weeks, and I enjoy sampling them. I even signed up for a site dedicated to finding and discussing wine. The site is called Snooth, and I recommend that you visit it if you want to pursue an interest in wine. The people there are not snooty at all, and are always willing to help.

And also, I think that this will help me with my program in school. I;m currently in Classics and History, but I’m changing into Directed Interdisciplinary Studies, in which I have to choose a theme and follow it. In my application (which is still evolving) my central theme in consumption in the classical world. I’m thinking of writing my thesis on wine and wine customs and social structure, including the effects of hoplite warfare, in 5th century Athens. I know it’s very specific lol.

Also, in a previous blog post I mentioned that I was “looking for my drink”. So far, I’ve had a few hunches as to what “my drink” will be. So far I have rum and coke, and I also glimpsed at a recipe for a manhattan, but I haven’t actually drank one yet. But now this fascination of wine might actually be something big!


~ by mtl_zack on March 11, 2010.

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