About to start Firefly

My next show is probably gonna be Firefly. It’s a mix between a sci-fi and western, I know that seems weird. Somehow it works though.

I watched the first episode, and I think I’m gonna like it, but not as much as some other shows I liked. The first episode was 1.5 hours, and I hope that the subsequent episodes will be shorter. I think that ~40 minutes is an ideal length of time for a tv show, because it engages the audience and it leaves the viewer wanting more at the end.

I don’t know the whole premise of the show. I’m guessing it’s about a bunch of smugglers who get entangled in another guys crime . I know it’s only 1 season, so I don’t know how far it will go.

I also like how the guy who plays Captain Hammer is the main character. I don’t like how he has a soft side. They tried to portray him as “the badass”, but they ease up a bit. I just saw the first episode, so maybe I should watch more before I judge.


~ by mtl_zack on March 24, 2010.

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