Today is the first day of passover and tonight is the first seder. A seder is a big dinner where the whole family goes over the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. There are many symbols involved in the seder, and it follows a particular order. In fact, seder is the hebrew word for order.

Participants are supposed to drink 4 glasses of wine at a seder, and usually kosher for passover wine is not very good (at least the wine that my family buys). So today I took a trip to the SAQ to buy a good bottle of wine for me to drink tonight. The only problem is that people will want to have some, and I’m gonna end up giving it all away. So tonight I’m gonna drink it all myself. No sharing.

I’m a bit concerned about timing. We’re gonna sit down at the table at 7 pm, which probably means we’ll start at 7:30 lol. Then we might finish at midnight or 1 am. I guess I’ll bring my iPhone to amuse myself with. Tomorrow night we’re gonna start at around 8, but it’s at my house so we have stuff to do.

Happy passover everyone!


~ by mtl_zack on March 29, 2010.

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