Don’t Get An iPad

Now don’t get me wrong when you read this post. I love Apple and its products. I own a MacBook and an iPhone. I just think that this product is not worth it. There are some Apple haters who always side against Apple, and I’m not one of them. I worked really hard on this post, so please comment, retweet and share it!

The iPad will be sold to consumers starting in a few hours, when Apple stores open. It is only available in the US tomorrow, and will come to Canada and other countries later in April.

I think it’s overrated and won’t revolutionize computing as Apple claims. I noticed that reviewers associated with tech blogs or magazines gave it decent ratings, but not much love. However, everyone who isn’t a techie is raving about it. Apple is appealing to this “consumer crowd”, and not to people who study technology and have deep insight.

Some things that I do not like about the iPad:

  1. No USB ports or SD card slots. I think that this is a huge deal because it gives Apple even further control. You can not use your own USB keyboard and must buy one from Apple (70$ US). You also must buy a case which does have USB ports and a SD card slot (30$ US). On a related note, you must also buy a VGA convertor in order to give presentations.
  2. Word, Excel, Powerpoint. You must buy these apps for 30$ if you plan on sharing or reading documents that were created with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel. Pages, Numbers and Keynote do not support the same format as their Microsoft counterparts, and once again the consumer must shell out. This is one of the reasons why I don’t see the iPad replacing laptops or netbooks any time soon.
  3. iBooks do not support other formats. This is a big issue as well, because Apple is leaning on making the iPad a leading ebook reader. People who buy an iPad after purchasing a Nook or Kindle must buy their books again. If the general public does not like this, I see it possible for Apple to change this. However, this is only the case if demand would be very high.
  4. No camera. Cameras are now a standard part to be shipped in every laptop, netbook and phone out there. There should be no excuse not to have one. But there is a space meant for a camera which will probably be present in the 2nd generation. this is just another ploy by Apple so they can get you to buy another one next year when they update it.
  5. No multitasking. I could see why it is so important for developers, because it could make some apps such as or Google Latitude better. Also, if I wanted to write an essay and listen to music at the same time, or have eBuddy open while reading my email, that wouldn’t be possible.
  6. No GPS. This is something that I was not expecting. Without a GPS so many apps focused around location won’t be able to function on the iPad. Location is big right now, and Apple will be missing out.
  7. No Flash. This is something that Apple feels very strongly about. They hate Flash. But so many of the websites on the internet use this. However, there are some sites that are buckling under and converting to HTML5 in order to be iPad compatible. I don’t see Apple backing down on this issue.

These issues are some of the reasons why I will NOT get an iPad. Sure, I’ll try one out when one comes available, but I doubt I will spend any money on it.

I also found another product that might be a serious threat to the iPad. It is the wePad made by German manufacturer Neofonie. I know, the name does shout “iPad clone” but in reality it has everything that the iPad lacks. Here is a list of it’s specifications compared to the iPad.

This seems to have eveything that the iPad lacks, from a camera, to USB ports, to Flash to multitasking. It even runs on Android and has access to the Android Marketplace so it will have apps galore. The only downside I see is the battery life, which is 6 hours rather than 10 which Apple offers.

The launch date of the wePad is not known, as well as the price. However, it is expected to be less expensive than the iPad.

The iPad looks like it would be really good for consuming content, but not for producing it. The app store and iTunes built in really ease purchasing content. Piracy will be harder on the iPad because of restrictions in the iBook reader and iTunes. Also the lack of USB ports will make it harder for external content to be delivered to the device. But it’s only a matter of time before someone jailbreaks it.

I see it as a step in the master plan that Apple is orchestrating. They will eventually make a tablet that runs on something similar to Mac OS X, but it will be OS 11 (but using a different name). This new operating system will be touch based. Apps will also play a key role in it. And the whole thing will be tightly controlled by Apple. That belongs to a later post. But what I’m trying to say is that the iPad is a transition to another product that will appear 2 or three years down the line. Apple thinks in the long run, and markets its products accordingly.


~ by mtl_zack on April 3, 2010.

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