Earthquake Relief is Now a Trend

I’m sure everyone’s been noticing way more earthquakes recently than previously. Well, maybe not everyone, perhaps just people who use Twitter :P. This XKCD comic posted today (Monday April 5 2010) is so true and really made me laugh.

But I’m thinking that maybe the amount of earthquakes happening in the world is staying the same but we’re just noticing them more. It seems as though whenever a celebrity or politician or any other public figure donates a bunch of money to a impoverish country that has been demolished, all of their sins are absolved. People think “<so and so politician> is supporting sending troops to help out in Chile, it’s ok that he was involved in <insert huge scandal here>”. It’s like a new trend. It used to be adopting orphans from Africa or raising money to fight autism. Now it seems to be earthquakes.

I noticed that earthquakes that occurred in Japan and other Pacific islands don’t get as much attention as ones that happen in South America or the Caribbean. Does this have to do with the North American perceptions of that region? “Those South Americans have evil dictators who use evil drugs and are friends with evil drug lords. And now the earthquake made everything even worse!”. The Pacific islands and the Mediterranean (which are both extremely earthquake prone) don’t have that kind of image and don’t get the kind of attention that South America and the Caribbean does.

I also thought that this video from Bruno is relevant also:

What should you do about it? Continue to donate money and resources to aid these people if you want, just don’t expect all your previous negative actions to be cleared.


~ by mtl_zack on April 5, 2010.

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