Currently in Exam Mode

Exams are in full swing, but I wouldn’t know because I’m currently in Montreal. I’m studying at home because it’s a lot more comfortable (real food, comfy bed, no roommate, etc…) and there are so many distractions on rez.

But it’s not all fun and games here. I’ve been studying a lot lately. My first exam is on Saturday (Modern Britain) and I think I’m gonna do well on it. I’m gonna catch the train to Ottawa Saturday morning, and then write my exam at 2 pm. Then after my exam I’m gonna bus it back to Montreal. I’m lucky that I only live 2 hours away, and it’s an easy commute.

I’m sure I would not be nearly as productive if I was studying on rez. There’s constant alcohol, poker and tomfoolery at school, and nothing would get done.

One thing I don’t get is why everyone stresses out during exams. I don’t see the point. Everyone asks me “are you having a hard time studying?” and I don’t know why they assume this. I almost never freak out, and I don’t plan on freaking out before tests. Stressing out is a big waste of time, time that can be used reading your textbook or reviewing your notes. I think that as long as you manage your time well, you’ll be fine. Making lists of things you have to do, day by day, really helps.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. I have a big headache (family issues) 😛


~ by mtl_zack on April 8, 2010.

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